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We're cultivating a diverse ecosystem of startups, each one testament to ingenuity and perseverance.

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"The entire FL team provided exceptional hands-on support and guidance"

The program exceeded our expectations to the extent that we wished the program could continue. Our main objective was to make our company investor-ready and prepare us for scaling, the program successfully achieved this goal.

Therese Sandoval
Founders Launchpad Kippap Portfolio

“I couldn't ask for a better

Super hands-on and as founders, we didn't have to worry about anything else. We only had to focus on building the product and how to scale it further. I really liked all the activities and events, and I had most fun when I was hacking away with other founders

Owen Cuales
Founders Launchpad Supafaya Portfolio

“FL is the perfect way to start your company”

The team was very approachable and easy to find, support throughout the program was very hands on. We learned valuable insights about the business and startup landscape. All the lectures were helpful especially for sales and fundraising.

JC Castaneda
Founders Launchpad Itemcount Portfolio

“The founders’ hard work is commendable”

We were completely immersed in the program and it exceeded our initial expectations. It motivated us to work at a faster pace and the templates they provided proved to be helpful in structuring aspects of our work. We received many useful tips and ideas throughout the program

Alex Goryainov
Founders Launchpad MedsGo Portfolio