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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Founders Launchpad?

FL is an industry-agnostic, early-stage startup accelerator that provides venture capital funding, operational support, and mentorship to high-potential startups, helping them scale their businesses.

Until when can I apply?

Applications are accepted year round, and if accepted, you will be slotted into the next cohort, whenever that may be.

Who is eligible to apply for the program?

Founders that are leveraging technology to build and grow their businesses with the Philippines as their first market or building from the Philippines for an international audience are welcome to apply. Yes, this includes e-commerce businesses as well!

How much does the program cost?

Founders Launchpad charges no upfront fee for participating in the program. If you are accepted, there is a small program fee deducted from the investment amount that is used to facilitate the program.

Does the program provide funding?

Yes, Founders Launchpad provides a guaranteed investment ranging from $25K up to $100K USD. All founders accepted into our program will receive an initial investment of $25,000 USD, however for those who demonstrate exceptional progress and strong performance during the 3-month program, there is an opportunity to receive an additional $75,000 investment. The initial funding is designed to allow founders to dedicate their time and resources to their business without the immediate financial pressures that come with starting a new venture.

What is the time commitment?

Founders accepted into the program are expected to commit full-time for the entire 12-week duration. This commitment is crucial as it allows for an immersive experience that maximizes the benefits of the resources and mentorship provided, ensuring that founders can accelerate their growth and development effectively.

Can solo-founders apply?

Yes, solo founders are welcome to apply to Founders Launchpad! We will work to help you find a suitable co-founder as part of the program with our vast talent network.

What stage must my startup be in?

We primarily look for early-stage startups that have a defined idea and are in the stages of developing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or have already done so. Our program is designed to accelerate startups that are ready to move from the idea stage to market entry and early growth.

Will I need to relocate to Manila for the program?

Yes. However you can allocate part of your investment funds from us to your relocation!  Founders Launchpad is a co-living and co-working space-based program, and we require all participants to relocate to Manila to take full advantage of the collaborative environment and resources provided.

What happens after the 12-week program ends?

Upon completion of the program, startups will have the opportunity to pitch to investors and stakeholders at our Demo Day, which can open doors to further funding and partnerships. Additionally, we offer post-program support and continue to provide access to our network and resources.

What is expected of me as a participant?

Participants are expected to actively engage with the mentors, attend all scheduled sessions and workshops, collaborate with other founders, and fully dedicate their efforts to developing their startups throughout the 12-week program.

Can I keep my job while participating in FL?

No. Our program is designed for founders who promise to commit to their startup. The intensive nature of the program and the investment made by Founders Launchpad necessitates that founders prioritize the development of their business during these 12 weeks.

What type of startups does FL look to invest in?

While we are open to all kinds of innovative startups, we are particularly interested in businesses that address unique challenges or opportunities in the Philippine market. We look for scalable models, a clear growth strategy, and a strong team capable of executing their vision.

How is the investment structured?

The investment is structured to provide the startups with the necessary runway to focus on building their business. The specifics of the investment, such as equity stake and disbursement schedule, are discussed in detail with each founder upon acceptance into the program.

Will FL take equity in my startup?

Yes. As part of the investment in your startup, Founders Launchpad will take an equity stake. The percentage is aligned with industry standards and is discussed during the final stages of the selection process. We pride ourselves on being a founder-friendly program.

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