Your Vision is Our Mission.

Our commitment is to your success. We offer a robust platform for learning, innovation, and growth, enabling entrepreneurs to help shape the future.

Simon Bauer speaking on stage at Draper House
Cohort two meet-up with founders

Our four core principles.

Founders First

Our team ruthlessly prioritizes the needs of our founders. Our success is built on theirs, and without them we are do not exist. We consider them our customers, and treat them as such.


We love to work quickly and execute, and we always push for doing things that seem dull to others because we know they matter. Everyone on our team owns specific problems and we solve them to the last detail. But we do it together.


Getting your problem and solution across simply and effectively is a crucial element to success. Don’t clutter up your messaging (or product). Deliver it strait and to the point.


Trust is everything, especially in emerging markets where often the rule of law is not so reliable. Having a relationship built on trust and transparency is essential, and you will always get that from us.

Why we started Founders Launchpad

Founding team of Founders Launchpad

We got realistic about where we are in the world, and recognized a glaring problem.

The world is changing, and South East Asia has all the ingredients to explode in growth over the coming decade. Based on our research and on the ground exposure, the Philippines is one of the hottest markets in the region, but there are still some fundamental basics missing. We see an opportunity to be the engine that funds and supports early stage companies ready to fill in these gaps.

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Meet the team behind Founders Launchpad.

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Jay Haendler

Co-Founder & General Partner
Simon Bauer FL partner picture
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Simon Bauer

Co-Founder & General Partner
Thomas Abentung FL partner photo
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Thomas Abentung

Co-Founder & General Partner
In house counsel photo
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Miko Panganiban

In-House Counsel
marketing manager photo
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Mica Gonzalez

Marketing Manager
Senior investment associate picture
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Nikko Guiam

Senior Investment Associate
Graphic designer photo
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Henrik Avecilla

Multimedia Lead
Marketing Analyst photo
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Sophie Pasicolan

Digital Marketing Analyst
Analyst photo
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Ieran Perez


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