We empower startups in the Philippines.

Our commitment is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within the Philippines. We offer a robust platform for learning, innovation, and growth, enabling entrepreneurs to help shape the future.

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Empowering tomorrow's leaders today

 Founders Launchpad founding team

We started everything because we see the opportunity in untapped potential.

The Philippines offers a unique investment landscape, characterized by a growing economy and a tech-savvy youth demographic. In recognizing this, Founders Launchpad was established to harness the potential of Filipino entrepreneurs. Our initiative is predicated on the belief that the local market, with its wide array of untapped opportunities, is ripe for innovation and business growth. With a commitment to fostering startup success, we aim to leverage the country's distinctive capabilities and bridge the gap between ideas and execution.

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Meet the team behind Founders Launchpad.

 Founders Launchpad Jay Haendler co-founder
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Jay Haendler

 Founders Launchpad co-founder Simon Bauer
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Simon Bauer

 Founders Launchpad Thomas Co-Founder
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Thomas Abentung

 Founders Launchpad Alea Program Coordinator
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Alea Ladaga

Program Coordinator
 Founders Launchpad marketing associate
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Sophie Pasicolan

Digital Marketing Analyst
 Founders Launchpad analyst
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Ieran Perez

Marketing Manager Founders Launchpad
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Mica Gonzalez

Marketing Manager
Senior Investment Associate Founders Launchpad
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Nikko Guiam

Senior Investment Associate
Multimedia Lead Founders Launchpad
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Henrik Avecilla

Multimedia Lead

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