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Founders Launchpad

A one-of-a-kind incubator that helps you transform your idea into reality.

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investment value in form of cash, resources & benefits.

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support from experts to get your startup off the ground.

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and expert talks provide a nurturing environment for you to grow.

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and network is essential for success. We help you meet the right people.

Time to get things done

In 12 weeks we help you build your Product and get you ready for investors.

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We empower you to get to the next level.

Work with us to turn your startup idea into reality.

The program that covers every key domain.

Startup Fundamentals

Pitch Training

Sales & Marketing

Finance & Fundraising

Product Development

UI/UX & Branding

Personal Development

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AHG Lab x Draper Startup House

United forces to empower the Philippine startup landscape.

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AHG Lab is one of the largest independent venture studios in the Philippines. We are the only venture studio that gives entrepreneurs unparalleled end-to-end operational support so that they can focus on building their venture. With this hands-on venture builder approach and an existing portfolio of ventures with limitless opportunities for synergistic alliances, we dramatically increase the likelihood of their success.

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Draper Startup House team members
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Draper Startup House is a global entrepreneurial ecosystem with 32 locations across 5 continents. Great people are the passionate force behind every location, event, networking meetup, and startup building and funding activity. Think of Draper Startup House as a unique blend of local hospitality for entrepreneurs and a global resource for successful startups. Draper Startup Houses vision and mission is to empower one million entrepreneurs worldwide by 2030.

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"The environment AHG Lab provides to its founders is truly unique and helped us to be where we are right now!"

Carlo Silva Founder and CEO of Shoppable
Carlo Silva, Founder & CEO Shoppable
Shoppable Business Logo

"As a life-long car enthusiast, it’s been my dream to have a tech-enabled automotive business, AHG Lab has helped me turn that dream into a reality with the creation of the first P2P car rental platform in the Philippines"

Enrique Hormillo Founder & CEO of DOON
Enrique Hormillo, Founder & CEO DOON

“AHG Lab is more than just a classic Venture Builder! It is an enabler and a big supportive family that I am really grateful for”

Drix Ortega CEO of Goodnight
Drix Ortega, CEO GoodNight
GoodNight Logo

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